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Children’s Programme

The Wellbeing Assembly introduces our programme to the children and explains that we need to care for our mental health, just as we care for our physical health. Looking after our mental health means looking after our feelings and the children learn how the resources that we use help them do that.

 The Feelings Flowers (Reception Class to Year 4) act as a barometer for staff to gauge the wellbeing of children as they arrive at school and throughout the school day, providing a simple and straightforward indication to classroom staff of the emotional wellbeing of each child in the class. The Feelings Phones are a similar resource for children in Years 5 & 6.

Caterpillar Club is based on a unique storybook involving ©KIPSY the Caring Caterpillar (previously Casey the Caring Caterpillar). With the help of children in school, ©KIPSY visits a range of feelings, explaining the physical sensations that come with the feelings as well as the ways in which children can respond well to their feelings.  The core focus of the book is to develop children’s emotional literacy.  In addition, an element of the story involves a brief period of mindfulness in which children are taught a simple technique to help them learn how to practice being calm.

The ©KIPSY stories are also available in our resources as pre-recorded videos, read by our volunteers.


This is a one-off workshop lead by a member of the charity workshop team that lasts for approximately 90 minutes. Children in school years 3 to 6 are introduced to the concept of resilience and taught how to practice ‘letting things bounce’ and ‘keeping going’. It is a very energetic and upbeat workshop in which children are invited to let their difficulties and any sadness ‘bounce off’ their shield.

In preparation for the transition to their next school, Year 6 pupils are reminded of the strategies they have learnt to stay mentally and emotionally well and how to help themselves respond when faced with challenges as they move forward.