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Staff Evaluation

  • used the Feelings Flower
  • felt the children enjoyed using it
  • felt it helped a child to express their emotions
  • would recommend it to other schools
  • 89% used the Feelings Flower ‘quite a lot’

“Children move them around as the day goes on so it’s easy to see how they are feeling”

“Often, they share trivial or things that are historical but at least they are listened too”

  • thought the children enjoyed the stories
  • thought they helped children learn and use feeling words
  • found it useful to have the caterpillar club in their classroom as a calming tool
  • would recommend the Caterpillar Club to other schools
  • 97% thought it helped a child to be calm in a situation which may have led to difficult behaviour

“The children enjoy and discuss the stories and their feelings”

“Children like the relaxation at the end”

“Familiarity of the stories is comforting to the children”

“It’s great, it gives a routine to discuss emotions”

“The children enjoy discussing their own individual examples”

  • thought the children enjoyed the workshop
  • felt the workshop had increased their awareness of building and encouraging the skill of resilience
  • felt children showed more resilience than before the workshop
  • would recommend it to other schools

“It gives the teachers a phrase to use when talking to children about emotions”

“Staff felt it helped the children to be more independent, to manage things and issues”