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Children’s Feedback


How it helps…

“If I come into school sad my teacher always knows and sorts things out”

“It makes me feel less worried, anxious and sad because my teachers help me and make me feel better”

“If you see a friend is sad, you can cheer them up”

“Talking helps you calm down and feel happier”

“It helped me learn some new feelings”

Helps with worries…

“It helps people share their worries”

“It helps you get your worries out”

“If you put your caterpillar on worried then an adult will come and speak to you and cheer you up”

“If you share your worries, they don’t grow, and you don’t become angry”

“It makes me realise my worry isn’t actually such a big worry”

Helps with feelings…

“You might feel too upset to talk but you can show your feelings through the flowers”

“It helped me understand the feelings in myself”

“I know it’s OK to feel sad sometimes”

“I get to understand how my friends feel”

“It shows it’s OK to have different feelings”

“We get to share our feelings every day, whether they are happy or sad”

“It made me feel super happy”

“I liked the OK flower if I didn’t feel happy or sad”

How it helps…

“The worry story helped me to tell my worries”

“I like to talk about feelings with my friends, it helps me look after them”

“Recognising it’s not just me that feels like this”

“It has helped because when I do the deep breathing bad thoughts go and good thoughts come”

“It’s helped me to realise I can talk about my feelings”

“It helps children relax their feelings and stop feeling angry”

“It has helped me learn about different feelings”

Helps you feel calm…

“Cuddling KIPSY helps me feel happy and cared for”

“KIPSY makes me feel warm inside”

“I felt happier when I could cuddle KIPSY”

“I could hold KIPSY when I was upset”

“I enjoy it because it is a time where everyone is calm”

“It makes me feel happy and calm”

How it helps…

“I have a resilience bubble”

“It’s important and good for our learning”

“It helped me know that words are just words”

“It helps to deal with things outside school too”

“Staff help us to use it in the playground”

Helps things “bounce off”

“You can let the sadness bounce off”

“Helped me bounce off horrible words”

“It makes me think that I don’t have to get upset or angry by what people say”

“It felt nice not thinking about the bad things after we threw the paper at the shields”

Helps to “keep going”

“It helps you when you are struggling and want to give up”

“When doing hard craft things, sometimes my mind says ‘can’t do this’ but I put up my shield to bounce those thoughts off”

“It helped me to keep going with a jigsaw puzzle”

“When I was reading a long book, I nearly gave up, but I didn’t I kept going”

“When I was doing some really hard maths, I didn’t give up and kept going”