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Alongside the pleasures of bonfire nights past, and those we’re able to share with our families today, as an adult and a mother, I am more mindful these days of the many perils that lurk in the recesses of events such as this. By late October the fire service is already highlighting the dangers of home bonfires and family fireworks and pleading with us to ‘stay safe!’ 

 What sorts of things can we do to create an environment where we feel as safe mentally as we do physically? Here are some thoughts: 

  • Know the things that you find tricky – don’t be frightened to admit that certain situations make you feel nervous or anxious, we are all different and we all have different needs; 
  • Know who and what you have to help resource and support you if a situation you find difficult is unavoidable - create a list of the people you know you can call on for short, medium or immediate support and keep this list somewhere that is easy to access; 
  • Communicate your needs to people you can trust – sometimes we may need them to step in and do the ‘fire-fighting’ for us;  
  • Know your limits – if you are starting to feel anxious or depressed, accept your limitations and don’t be too hard on yourself; and finally 
  • Make time to factor in things that you enjoy – our brain cannot be anxious if it is busy being happy. 

 Having a plan can go a long way to creating a sense of emotional safety, as this helps us to feel in control - and feeling out of control is often what makes us feel unsafe and anxious. At Making Me our resources equip children with the knowledge and skills to stay mentally and emotionally safe, all year round. So, bonfire night or not, child or not, my invitation to you is to take back control and create a ‘wellbeing plan’ that allows you to focus on maintaining a sense of emotional safety in all that you do. 


Liz Fordham