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Our Whole School Approach

Whole School

Our Primary School Emotional Literacy Programme is not selective nor is it focussed on particular children who may already be struggling with their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Instead, we embrace a whole school approach with:

  • An introductory workshop to all school staff so that the same approach and language are used throughout the school.  This consistency of approach helps to create a secure framework for children and serves to fully embed the learning.


  • A Whole School Wellbeing Assembly to introduce our programme to all the children, so they understand that we need to care for our mental health, just as we care for our physical health and how our resources help them do that.
  • We also offer a workshop to parents outlining the basis for the work we do and offering guidance and suggestions around how they can continue to reinforce our strategies in the home.

The Making Me Emotional Literacy Programme focuses on equipping schools with the resources to help children thrive.

What underpins our Programme is the concept that ‘knowledge is power’. Therefore, our workshops provide a platform of learning whereby children can build resilience, understand and communicate their emotions, embrace their mental and emotional wellbeing and, over time, make informed choices about the person they want to become.

By embracing this pro-active approach to understanding emotions and developing positive strategies to support mental wellbeing, children are better able to access learning and thereby prevent the limitation of future opportunities.  Fostering a ‘by me’ rather than a ‘to me’ or ‘at me’ mentality, also allows children to take ownership for their mental and emotional wellbeing, which in turn helps to prevent the development of long-term mental health difficulties.


In the Primary School Emotional Literacy Programme, the children learn:

  • To understand that looking after our mental health means looking after our feelings in the Wellbeing Assembly
  • To communicate their emotional wellbeing using the ©Feelings Flowers which helps to promote a positive, nurturing relationship between the child and their teacher.
  • A range of different feelings through the ©KIPSY the Caterpillar where they are encouraged to discuss their own experience of each feeling and to reflect on the value and practice of being calm through a short mindfulness exercise.
  • The value of practising resilience – letting things that bother us ‘bounce off’ and ‘keeping going’ when we find things tricky through our upbeat and fun Shield of Resilience workshop. The children are also encouraged to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses and to recognise that it is OK to be themselves.